5 Most Obese Nations (Adults)

Obesity Campaign Poster

Image by Pressbound via Flickr

(% of adults that are obese)

1. Tonga

Men: 46.6% Women: 70.3%

Different countries have varying attitudes towards weight. Food plays a huge role in Tongan culture, which is why Tonga is the most obese nation for adults. While Western cultures tend to look down upon overweight people, it is admired, even revered, in Tonga.

2. Samoa

Men: 32.9% Women: 63%

Samoa, an island halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii, also places huge cultural importance on food. Lamb flaps, a popular dish, contain lots of fat. Recent health officials have tried to combat the obesity epidemic by educating Samoans on less fatty foods.

3. Nauru

Men: 55.7% Women: 60.5%

Nauru is a Micronesian island and also the world’s smallest island nation. The nation has received lots of attention for its weight problems, mostly driven by a lack of fresh fruit, an abundance of processed meat and a widespread cultural assumption that weight equals power.

4. Qatar

Men: 34.6% Women: 45.3%

Qatar is an Arab country in the Middle East that’s enjoyed an explosion of wealth thanks to profitable oil reserves. Rapid development meant an increase in fast food and a decrease in physical labor.

5. Saudi Arabia

Men: 26.4% Women: 44%

The same problems of Qatar affect Saudi Arabia: lots of fast food, not lots of physical work to do. Some speculate that religious morals are keeping women from exercising.

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